Friday, 20 September 2013

EDU 330 Elementary mathematics

Chapter 1 & 2

I have never been a big fan of mathematics since in my school years.  The formulas often drive me insane. 
But after reading the first few chapters of the Elementary mathematics textbook, I felt more confident about teaching Mathematics...

To be an effective teacher, my knowledge of mathematics and how my students will learn is the most crucial factor.  The NCTM has emphasized the five content standards which is commonly used. They are number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement and also data analysis and probability.

Apart from these, the environment that makes up a mathematics classroom is equally important. Some of these include active student engagement, using technology to enhance understanding and incorporating multiple assessments to guide and enhance their learning.

Doing mathematics means developing strategies to solve the problems and check to see if the answers makes sense.  Using a calculator facilitates children's exploration of a certain problem.  When a child make errors, it means that the child has misapplied her prior knowledge to new problem.  Therefore it might take some time for the child to reflect on how to solve the problem.

A lot of effort is required to teach mathematical proficiency.  The best learning opportunities, are to engage children in using their own knowledge to solve problems.


-Ms Rufi-