Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wednesday, 25.09.2013

Rhymes and songs are to be used to teach children rote counting.  Movement games are also a creative way to enhance children's learning of Mathematics.  According to Richard Skemp's theory, conventions are learnt by social interaction.

We had a quiz today, which is actually our Problem #10.

i was extremely happy looking at the first question coz i recalled our first lesson where we had to count the 99th letter in our name as well... :)
The quiz was okay...

Then we came across Problem 11...
We have to share a piece of 'chocolate' equally among 4 friends. And boy, it was a thrilling problem.. We folded the paper and discussed how we came to the solution.

These are some of the initial solutions i came up with... and then we escalated to the next problem which was q little mind-boggling for me cz by then my brain was already shutting down due to the terribly hectic day i had.  Nevertheless, i managed to pull through Day 3... Yeay!!!!!