Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Monday 23th September 2013

When i stepped into class and saw Dr Yeap at the desk, i told myself

"Oh boy, here we go.... Another boring Math session".

When i read the schedule written for the night, i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw 4 problems given...

Problem #1 "Name"
Problem #2 "Card Trick"
Problem #3 "Shredder"
Problem #4 "Tangram"

I learnt about the difference between rote counting and rational counting when we did the problem.  From my name, the letter 'F', which is the third letter of my name is the 99th letter.
I was truly amazed by the card trick that was shown to us in class.  I was numb with shock for a while when Dr Yeap told us to discuss how to get the trick done / how the cards were arranged in such a way where the number appeared after it was spelled out.


Through discussion and brainstorming, i found out that we were able to get the solution.

Problem #3 took me quite a while to understand the question and derive at the answer.  My friends had to explain to me a couple of times before i understood the method to solve the question.

While we were told to form rectangles using the few different shapes of tangrams, my friends and i  came up with a few different types of rectangles.

All in all, i do believe that learning Mathematics using concrete materials help enhance my learning and makes the problems easier to comprehend.  I kind of look forward to other problems coming my way :))